Transfer Station

About Us

The services at the Transfer Station, located at 35 Lower County Road, are provided to the residents of the Town of Roxbury. An annual permit is required for access which can be purchased in the Town Clerk’s office in Town Hall.  The permit is from July 1st through June 30th.

The Transfer Station is the primary location for the collection of "solid waste” and recycling.  Recycling is mandatory, please review the Regulations & Recycling Guide or ask for help if you have any questions.  When residents recycle, the Town defers costs because the tipping fee for removal of trash is reduced.  We also generate revenue from recycled products.  The more residents recycle, the more revenue that is generated and the less tipping fees the Town pays for removal of trash.

After a permit is acquired, we only have minimal fees for additional bulky waste.  The fees are paid in the Selectman’s Office and the receipt is turned into the Operator.

All materials deposited at the Roxbury Transfer Station must originate from residential properties of Roxbury residents.

Permit Stickers are required on all vehicles to use the Transfer Station.

Permit Fees

Permits are available in the Town Clerks office, Tuesday-Friday.
Initial Permit$50$40 in Purchased in May or June
Additional Permit$10Per car after Initial Permit
Volunteer Permit$0Fireman, EMT, Board or Commission Member
Replacement Permit$0Lost or Car Replacement
Half Year Permit$25Purchased after December 31st

Additional Disposal Fees

Pay the fee in the Selectman's Office before you go to the Transfer Station, then bring the receipt and give it to the Operator.
Air Conditioners$10Due to Freon extraction
Dehumidifiers$10Due to Freon extraction
Pickup Truck Loads$25Due to rising costs in disposing
Half Pickup Truck Loads$15Due to disposing of bulky waste
Mattresses$20Due to disposing of bulky waste
Refrigerators/Freezers$30Due to Freon extraction

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Barbara Henry First Selectman (860) 354-9938
Albert Pokrywka Operator (860) 355-1854