Public Works

Road Repair

Roxbury residents may call the Selectmen's Office at (860) 354-9938 or complete the online webform to report Town roads in need of repair.

Repairs needed on state-owned roads (Routes 67, 199, 317 & 45) may be called into the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation in New Milford.

Route 67 from 199 South, call State of Connecticut Department of Transportation in Southbury.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Barbara Henry First Selectman (860) 354-9938
Butch Finch Road Foreman (860) 354-8343
Mike Foreman Town Crew (860) 354-8343
Todd Gillette Town Crew (860) 354-8343
Paul Swanson Town Crew (860) 354-8343
Floyd Williams Town Crew (860) 354-8343