State Police:

The Town of Roxbury is served by the Connecticut State Police, Troop A Division, located in Southbury. A Resident Trooper program and a part-time Constable force supplement the 24-hour coverage of Roxbury by the Connecticut State Police.

Resident Trooper:

The Roxbury Resident State Trooper is responsible for oversight of Roxbury's law enforcement needs. Office hours in Roxbury Town Hall are generally Monday through Friday, during regular business hours.

Town Constables:

The Constables are certified professionals who patrol the Town of Roxbury. The Town Constables respond to complaints, perform house watches for absent residents, patrol neighborhoods, and check doors/windows of municipal buildings and businesses. The Town Constables also conduct traffic control and enforcement on a regular basis.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Tfc. Matthew Bell Resident State Trooper (860) 354-0089
William Cario Town Constable (860) 354-0089
Joseph Witkowski Town Constable (860) 354-0089