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Public Notice Registry

Establishment of Roxbury Public Notice Registry for Planning and Zoning Commission-Initiated Actions

Effective October 1, 2006, the Connecticut State Legislature is requiring that all Planning and Zoning Commissions establish a “public notice registry” (Public Act 06-80). This registry is to be used to inform interested landowners, electors, and nonprofit organizations of the following actions initiated by the Planning and Zoning Commissions:
·       Amendments to the zoning regulations;
·       Changes to zoning district boundaries;
·       Changes to subdivision regulations; and
·       Revisions to the Town Plan of Conservation and Development.

Persons and organizations who ask to be placed on the registry will be notified by either regular mail or electronic mail of the commencement of public hearings on the above-listed Commission-initiated activities. The Commission will send the notices at least seven (7) days prior to the beginning of the public hearing. These notices are in addition to the legal notices published in the local newspaper.

Please note that the new notices will cover ONLY those activities initiated by the Roxbury Planning and Zoning Commissions. The Commission itself will NOT send notices regarding applications submitted by others. The Zoning Regulations govern which types of applications require notices to be mailed by the applicant to abutting property owners. If, for example, an applicant submits a request for a zoning amendment, the Planning and Zoning Commission will NOT send notices of the public hearing to those on the public notice registry. On the other hand, if the Planning and Zoning Commissions propose a zoning amendment, the Commission will send a notice to everyone on the public notice registry.

Your name will be kept on the registry for a period of three years from the date of your request. At the end of the three years, if you want to continue to be on the registry, you will need to request 3-year extensions.

Actions of the South Windsor Inland Wetlands Agency/Conservation Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals are NOT covered by these new notice requirements.

If you want to be placed on the public notice registry, please complete the form below.

Fill in all applicable fields. If you do not represent an nonprofit organization please place "n/a" in that field.  If you wish to be notified by e-mail you will still need to submit a valid address and phone number for verification purposes.  If the application is not complete, and we can not contact you, you WILL NOT be added to the list.

It is the Town of South Windsor’s policy to aggressively scan all incoming email and attachments for viruses, spam and inappropriate content or language. Suspect messages are quarantined, and delivery to the recipient is delayed or rejected without notice.  In the event you submit a request by email, your email is subject to preventative scanning measures as described. It is the obligation of the SENDER to ensure an acceptable request is received by the Town. The Town of South Windsor assumes no responsibility for issues related to the electronic submission of requests.  The pop-up screen that will appear after you press submit, is sent before the e-mail process.  That screen does not confirm the e-mail passed scanning measures.  It only indicates the server processed your request and sent the e-mail.

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