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Homeowners Benefit
Homeowners Benefit

The filing period for the Homeowners Benefit is February 1st through May 15th.

To qualify, you must meet the following criteria:

  • The home for which the credit is being sought must be your primary residence.  You must have owned the home on or before October 1st of the calendar year preceding the filing period.
  • You must have reached the age of 65 by the end of the calendar year preceding the filing period. Totally disabled homeowners are eligible regardless of age.
  • Proof of all income for the calendar year preceding the filing period must be provided.  If you file an Income Tax Return, a copy must be provided.  If you receive Social Security benefits, a copy of your SSA 1099 form must be provided.  Your qualifying income must not exceed the limit set for the year you are applying.
  • If you cannot provide a copy of your SSA1099, you can request this information from the Social Security Administration.
Social Security Administration
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Telephone 877 405-0486